Company profile

 【Company Name】 NIHON HANDA Co.,Ltd.


  • Head Office/Sales Office :16F Arca Central,1-2-1,Kinshi,Sumida-ku,Tokyo130-0013, Japan
    • TEL . 81-3-3624-5771     FAX . 81-3-3624-5775
  • Funabashi Plant : 4-6-1 Narashino, Funabashi City, Chiba Pref.274-0071 Japan
    • TEL . 81-47-479-0611     FAX . 81-47-478-7730
  • Electronic Materials Laboratory : 82-1 Anesaki-kaigan, Ichihara City, Chiba Pref.299-0107 Japan
    • TEL . 81-436-60-7688     FAX . 81-436-60-7689

 【Representative】 Makoto Asami

 【Launch】 1910

 【Established】 December 15,1944

 【Capital】 24,360,000yen (fully paid)


  • President & Representative Makoto Asami
    Senior Executive Director  Kuniaki Asami
    Executive Director
    Hidetomo Asami
    Director & Chief of Sales Headquarters
    Katsuhiko Sato
    Auditor Shoichi Nemoto

 【Business outline】

  • • Manufacturing and sales of JIS Z 3282 solders
    • Manufacturing and sales of flux-core wire solders
    • Manufacturing and sales of all types of RAPIDSOL
       (patented flux-cored wiresolder) and RAPIX(soldering flux)
    • Manufacturing and sales of various preformed solders for semiconductors and electronic parts
    • Manufacturing and sales of various solder pastes for electronic parts and electronic equipment
    • Manufacturing and sales of conductive adhesives,low-temperature solders,and high-temperature solders
    • Manufacturing and sales of metal bands,alloy bands,and special metal brazing filler
    • Other businesses associated with the preceding items